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What is GDynamic Document

GDynamic Document is a cloud-based business application that allows users to create dynamic document from a spreadsheet datasource.
You can indeed merge data from Google Spreadsheet into Documents.
GDynamic Document is ideal for create letters, envelopes or even bills from a spreadsheet customer database for exemple.
Then you can use the document in google drive as you like (print it, share it, modify it, convert as PDF...).

Before the first use, read the technical instructions for have rules for spreadsheet formating and other advices.

How it works ?

1. Specify your spreadsheet database
2. Choose your fusion document
3. Use fusion fields
4. Generate your document and use it in google drive

What's new ?

New version online !

A new version of Gdynamic Document is available :
New features since last version :
- A new document generation engine for better performances
- Ability to reload a document fusion
- Get a link and integrate your document fusion process in your application
- New design

More news on Google Plus

Step 2/4 : Choose worksheet that contain data
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